To go to our Riad

If you are arriving by plane (Essaouira Airport for exemple), Abdul our manager can rent a vehicle for you or order a cab, which will be waiting for you at your arrival

We can eventually organize your arrival from other near cities.

Don’t hesitate to ask for all the prices of those services (which are often less expensive than those given by local taxis).

By Plane

The Essaouira airport is located 16 km north of town. There are very few flights from Europe to Essaouira.

You’ll find on the website airport, flight companies whom are landing to Essaouira (4 companies from ; France, England, Belgium, Morocco) :

Some charter flights may be found during high season. 
Internal flights (via Royal Air Maroc, which is the main company) from the following Moroccan cities to Essaouira are available: Casablanca, Marrakech.
The nearest airports which have frequent incoming external flights are the Marrakech airport and the Agadir airport.

If you wish to organize your arrival from the airport (Essaouira, Marrakech or Agadir) to the riad, please contact us.

By Car

If you are driving towards Essaouira from Marrakech, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view from the hill, just before the town itself.

Road distance between Essaouira and other Moroccan cities:
Agadir: 173 km (108 mi)
Casablanca: 385 km (240 mi)
Errachidia: 684 km (425 mi)
Fes: 663 km (412 mi)
Marrakech: 174 km (108 mi)
Meknes: 647 km (402 mi)
Ouarzazate: 378 km (235 mi)
Rabat: 482 km (300 mi)
Tangier: 705 km (438 mi)

By Taxis

Travellers have found that Big Taxis will take them to Essaouira from the Marrakech airport (during the daytime only). The trip takes about 2.5 hours and will cost you around 65 Euros, maybe less if you bargain well. Alternatively you can get a taxi to the main bus station in Marrakech (see above) and then take a bus to Essaouira.

If you want us to organize your arrival from the airport (Essaouira, Marrakech or Agadir) to the riad, see below :

Prices when you book “through us” (those are directly the prices of the transport provider) : 3 people + luggage = Marrakech 65 euros (650 dhs) / Agadir 75 euros (750 dhs) / Casablanca 120 euros (1200 dhs) 4 people + luggage = Marrakech 100 euros (1000 dhs) / Agadir 100 euros (1000 dhs) / Casablanca 160 euros (1600 dhs) 7 people + luggage= Marrakech 120 euros (1200 dhs) / Agadir 120 euros (1200 dhs) / Casablanca 180 euros (1800 dhs)

By Bus

Most people get to Essaouira by bus since there is no train station. There is a direct daily bus traveling from Casablanca to Essaouira which takes about 6 hours. Buses from Marrakech take around 2.5 hours and several companies travel this route. The bus station at Bab Doukkala in Marrakech is where the buses leave from. CTM is Morocco’s biggest and most reliable bus company, so check with their offices first about prices and availability.
You can book your bus and train ticket simultaneously if you go with Supratours Bus Company. They leave Essaouira twice daily and take you directly to the Marrakech trains station in time to catch a train to Casablanca, Rabat or Fes.

Essaouira bus station, Rue du 2 Mars (a few hundred meters from the entrance to medina – Gate Bab Marrakech)

The approximate duration of travel for buses to Essaouira:
Agadir: 3.0 hrs
Casablanca: 6.0 hrs
Marrakech: 2.5 hrs

More informations for transports :